Why give through the Homeschool Community Foundation?

Access a Simple Method for Giving

We handle all administration and legal requirements associated with endowments, allowing you to focus on your charitable goals.

Receive Financial Benefits

Because the Alliance is a 501(c)(3) public charity, you receive the maximum tax benefits available for your charitable gifts.

Maximize Flexibility in Giving

We accept a variety of gifts and will customize a giving plan that fits your charitable goals.

Ensure Effective Oversight

The Homeschool Community Foundation provides due diligence for each grant we make. You can be confident that your donation will be well utilized.

Build Permanent Funding

By giving to the Homeschool Community Foundation, you are building
a solid infrastructure and network
to support millions of present and future homeschoolers, ensuring and enriching the future of homeschooling

Create Achievable Innovation

You understand that choice is a critical component to innovating education. You want to ensure that homeschooling is not just legal, but affordable and achievable for more families. By investing in homeschooling through the Homeschool Community Foundation, you are giving families more choices to provide their children
with an outstanding education.

Ways to give to the Homeschool Community Foundation:

One Time Gift

Use this option to set up a one-time donation to the Homeschool Community Foundation.
We appreciate your support!

Monthly Gift

Use this option to set up a monthly donation to the Homeschool Community Foundation.
We appreciate your continued support!

By Mail

Please make checks payable to The Alliance, with Homeschool Community Foundation noted on the memo line.
Mailing Address:
 46 South Road, Holden, MA 01520

How to Give

Donate to Our Unrestricted Fund – If you’re interested in supporting the homeschool community both now and in the future, you may want to consider a charitable gift as an unrestricted fund. An unrestricted fund doesn’t support a specific program or project but instead allows our Governors to respond to changing needs and opportunities in the homeschool community.
Create Your Own Fund – Whether you want to honor a loved one’s memory, create a family legacy or simply give to the organizations you care about, we can help you accomplish your charitable objectives.

Give Today


Cash contributions may be made in the form of check, money order or cashier’s check. Mail to: 
The Homeschool Community Foundation
46 South Road, Holden, MA 01520

Credit Card

You can use any major credit card to make a gift to an existing fund through our secure online donation button.

IRA Rollover

The IRA charitable rollover is now a permanent option for individuals age 70½ and older who want to make a gift from their individual retirement account. Learn more about the IRA charitable rollover and how the Homeschool Community Foundation can help by contacting

Real Estate

Real estate such as homes, acreages and business properties can be used to make a charitable gift at the appraised value. If appreciated, capital gains taxes may be avoided on the real estate appreciation.

Retirement Plan Assets

You may use any retirement plan assets to establish a charitable fund or to give to an existing endowment. Retirement plan assets are subject to both estate tax and income tax. By designating a portion or all of the proceeds from your retirement plan, you can reduce a potential tax burden on heirs.

Stocks, Bonds, and Mutual Funds

Gifts of appreciated stock, bonds and mutual funds can offer a significant tax savings. You receive a charitable deduction for the fair market value of the donated assets while avoiding capital gains tax.

Business-Related Assets

We accept gifts of individually-owned business assets including closely-held C-corp. and S-corp. stock, partnerships and LLCs.

How Can We Help You?


 Mailing Address
46 South Road
Holden, MA 01520