Homeschooling Leadership Summit

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The Homeschooling Leadership Summit

was presented LIVE with

United States Secretary of Education

on Tuesday, August 18, 2020


Session One:
Livestream with Secretary DeVos

Session Two:
Learn How to Invest in the Homeschool Community

Homeschool Community Foundation Grants Program

Homeschooling has provided millions of K-12 students with a quality education, despite a lack of significant external funding beyond the individual family. HCF has a vision, however, for providing programs that will greatly improve the experience and make resources more readily available for more parents and their students. A significant fundraising effort will be necessary to fund these projects because homeschooling has not developed funding sources in the past, and the community foundation model is well suited to building this capacity.

Session Two describes the fundraising and grant-making mechanics, and later sessions will present and develop the primary programs that will be catalysts for healthy growth.

Examples of Homeschool Recource Centers

Firmly Planted
Homeschool Resource Center 

Vancouver, WA

Resource Center
San Antonio, TX

Resource Center
Columbia, SC


Homeschool Resource Centers provide classes, field-trips, special events, tutoring, and hands-on learning for students.
Parents find support at Homeschool Resource Centers through workshops, counseling, curriculum displays, classes, and networking events.

Session Three:
An Online Homeschool Hub

The Homeschool Hub

Homeschooling groups and resources are often developed by families associating with those who hold similar educational philosophies or religious beliefs. A negative side effect to this practice is the compartmentalizing of the homeschooling community.  Homeschooling parents are not easily able to identify, communicate with, and collaborate with each other, nor are homeschool students and graduates.  Additionally, homeschoolers need to be able to easily locate available resources and marketplace options.

These issues can be remedied using a single community platform dedicated to homeschooling communications. This Hub concept, utilized by many universities, would provide homeschoolers with opportunities to work together, and to create a large homeschooling marketplace that businesses would advertise in and sponsor. An online Homeschool Hub would provide a tremendous boost to the community nationwide, as well as on a local and regional level.

Session Four:
A Homeschooling Innovation Center

A Homeschooling Innovation Center

An Innovation Center for Homeschooling at a major university would promote growth and support for homeschooling, and provide a home for research and study of the field of homeschooling. The Innovation Center would also create a focus for further development of the nationwide movement, as well as a focus for fundraising.  An example in the broader field of school choice is the University of Arkansas School of Education, which studies and promotes school choice in its Department of Education Reform, funded by the Walton Family Foundation and other school choice foundations.

Session Five:
Why Give through the Homeschool Community Foundation?

The Alliance and HCF
The Alliance and HCF have identified several transformational projects that will propel homeschooling into the mainstream as a viable school choice for hundreds of thousands of new parents and students to consider. The Alliance represents 32 years of experience in coordinating and training state leaders of the homeschooling movement. With the network of over 200,000 families in more than 42 states, this team has the capacity to accomplish this vision successfully.

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